The BMF has noted, with grave concern, the manner in which the Old Mutual Chairman, Mr. Trevor Manuel, has shown general disdain for not only Judge Mashile but the South African Judiciary system in its entirety.

A court order informed Old Mutual that Mr. Moyo must return to work whilst the Insurer’s appeal was still pending. However, Old Mutual has stated that its “second letter of termination to Mr. Moyo remains valid and hence he is not permitted nor required to return to work in the interim".

BMF President Andile Nomlala says, “Instead of them respecting and abiding by that order, they instead rely on some letter that they sent to someone that was, in their own version, no longer their employee. How a letter from Old Mutual can trump a court order is not clear to us”.

“As if that were not enough, at one stage during the question and answer session, Mr. Manuel referred to Judge Mashile (before he corrected himself) as “Brian Mashile” and goes on to refer to a finding that the Judge made as “quite bizarre”. Sentiments of this nature place a strain on efforts by the BMF to resolve the matter outside of courts. We, as the BMF, believe that this matter doesn't need courts, it needs cool heads that can engage one another to find a lasting solution" continued Nomlala.

What concerns the BMF even further is Mr. Manuel referring to a sitting High Court judge as “a single individual who happens to wear a robe”. It is a sad day when a large corporate such as Old Mutual, through its Chairman, refers to members of our Judiciary in this manner. 

We call upon Old Mutual to unreservedly issue an apology to Judge Mashile. A failure to do so will only strengthen the view of those calling upon the current Board to vacate office as it would confirm that they have no regard or respect for the rule of law in South Africa. Similarly, we call upon all Old Mutual shareholders to stand up in defense of our Judiciary.

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