Hixonia Nyasulu delivered at the Lot Ndlovu Lecture in 2017


Acknowledgements: Trustees of the Lot Ndlovu legacy Trust, family, BMF and hosts Deloitte, honoured guests

If ever there was a time the world needed good leaders, it is now. If ever there was a time the developing world needed good leaders, it is now. And if ever there was a time South Africa needed good leaders, it is now. But do we have enough good leaders to go round – to run our countries, our companies, our governments, our civil society organisations?


The answer to that is “yes’, if all we’re looking for are people capable enough to take up leadership positions. But if we’re looking for leaders who embody old-fashioned values of leadership, viz.

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Introduction and salutations

The president of the Black Management Forum, Mr Bonang Mohale and your
national executive, distinguished members of this progressive formation, ladies and
gentlemen. I am most grateful for this invitation to call to memory our departed
brother, comrade and leader, Mr Lot Ndlovu. It is a privilege to be here talking about
him and his leadership.

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Contextualising Dr Don Bongani Mkhwanazi ’s crusade and frustrations on BEE and the transformation of the economy

Delivered by Dr Thami Mazwai

Early this month we were gathered in the adjoining ICC to bid farewell to Dr Don Bongani Mkhwanazi, a doyen of black business and one of the foremost champions of the economic transformation of post-apartheid South Africa. Ndonga, as many of us called him, ebengumntu ebantwini. I am thus deeply honoured to be asked to give the first Don Mkhwanazi Memorial Lecture as, in many respects Ndonga was the personification of BEE. He was supposed to have given this lecture which was part of a provincial series to commemorate the 40th anniversary on the founding of the Black Management Forum (BMF). In its wisdom the current leadership asked former presidents to give these lectures at the planned provincial gatherings to link the past with the future, and ensure consistency of purpose and vision. As I am not a former president of the BMF, the axe fell on me to give this lecture because Ndonga and I held hands as we walked this path. Still, this is a daunting challenge for humble me to pay tribute to a stalwart of such magnitude. 

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Address by President Nelson Mandela on receiving an award at the Black Management Forum Conference

24 November 1995

Master of Ceremonies, Distinguished guests; Ladies and gentlemen.

When the oppressed and disadvantaged take their destiny into their own hands; and when those
divided in bitter conflict turn towards peace and reconciliation, that is indeed a collective act of
extraordinary leadership. It is this achievement of our whole nation which you are honouring
tonight. It is in that spirit that I humbly accept the award, on their behalf.

The theme of your conference - Black Economic Self-Empowerment - reaffirms that faith in the
capacity of those who have been excluded to take the lead in shaping a new and equitable order. It
resounds as a pledge to join hands with government in its endeavours to address the legacy of
apartheid, whether in business or more broadly.

The achievement of our shared objectives will depend on the fulfilment of that pledge, since they
cannot be achieved by government alone.

For its part, government has a range of initiatives in place to ensure that the vast business and
managerial potential which apartheid left untapped, is now released for the benefit of our society.
The major programme for the expansion of small, micro and medium enterprises is making good
progress as it builds on the foundation laid in the policy conference held in March this year.
Government policy on the restructuring of state assets, will follow guidelines approved by Cabinet in
August. They take into account the need to encourage the growth of small and medium enterprises,
and to do so in ways which help create opening into the business world for those hitherto

Foreign investors are being strongly encouraged to engage in joint ventures with emerging business.
So too are the established sectors of South African business, whose power and resources owe much
to their privileged position under apartheid. Such partnerships will not only open doors - they are
also a highly effective way of transferring skills and knowledge.

Government is committed to a review of its procurement and tendering policy. One of the objectives is to provide opportunities for those disadvantaged by previous policies to catch up and help provide efficient services to people.

Black business is in position to make a special contribution to reconstruction and development, and
built into the RDP are measures to ensure such participation.
The transformation of the public service places representativeness and affirmative action amongst
the highest priorities for achieving a public sector that truly serves the people of this country.
In short, Government is ensuring that the opportunities are there for black business and
management. But it will need boldness in seizing opportunities.

It will demand a readiness to face the challenges of the competitive world market to which we now
belong. It will mean accepting the rigours of pursuing far-reaching goals with limited resources in a

society that is eager for new standards of morality, accountability and professionalism in both the
public and private sectors. One instance of which we should all be mindful in this regard, is that of
the African Bank. In putting over R200 million into the bank, Government is counting on those
qualities in management to ensure that a similar crisis does not recur.

The profits and the access to resources and decision-making power which flow from the
opportunities that are opening should be used not only to reward enterprise and achievement. They
should also be used to enhance the productive capacity and efficiency of companies and institutions,
and their employees. Affirmative action, likewise, is a responsibility that must be embraced by its
beneficiaries themselves, and extended to others.

For the most effective implementation of these policies and their further development there is a
further requirement. While the number of black business organisations is a sign of vitality, it is also a
weakness. A single and co-ordinated voice will increase the effectiveness with which needs are
addressed. We hope that this conference will find a way to make decisive progress in achieving this
objective, which has so far proved vexingly elusive.
This goes more broadly for business as a whole. One of our objectives in overcoming the legacy of
apartheid must be the unification of each sector of our society, including business. No doubt, there
will be difficulties on the path. But our society towards solutions in the broader interest.

Ladies and gentlemen;
I raise these issues because I am confident that the Black Management Forum, which represents a
sector of society that formed itself under the most difficult of circumstances and when opportunities
were few, has a critical leadership role to play under the favourable conditions of today.
Though still few in number, as professionals and managers you are well-placed to contribute to
policy formation for the development of our enterprises, private and public.

One of our most urgent priorities is the rapid and extensive development of management expertise
amongst the majority of our population who were excluded from such responsibility in the past.
The challenge for the BMF, and for black professionals generally, is to use the voice which their
achievements have given them to help enlarge their own ranks. In so doing they will contribute to
the realisation of the vision of a better life for all South Africans.
I thank you


BMF Conversations with CEOs Dinner on 28 March 2018 

Re-igniting business patriotism driven by Transformational Leadership
Mr. Khandani Msibi

The President of the BMF, Mr Mncane Mthunzi, the DP Mr Dumisani Mpafa, the MD of BMF Mr Thabile Wonci, distinguished guests, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen good evening. To the organizers of this event, thank you for inviting me to deliver a key note address to this CEO dinner, for the avoidance of doubt I took time to prepare speaking notes but I don’t hold any keys to the safe of this institution that has hosted us. Warm greetings as well to the workers serving us and keeping us safe tonight

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(A Talk by Dr. Mosibudi Mangena at the Black Management Forum Gala Dinner on 13 October 2017, 
Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

I have been asked to speak on the theme of your conference, which also doubles as the theme of this Gala Dinner, namely, The South Africa We Deserve. From the letter of invitation, it is clear that the BMF is far from being happy with the South Africa we live in presently; that we deserve better than this; that our levels of poverty are painful and unjustifiable and that we deserve to be better led.

Being a middle income country that we are, generously endowed with mineral wealth as we are, blessed with a geography that allows for different kinds of plant and animal husbandry and blessed with a fairly well-developed road, air, sea, electricity and water infrastructure, as we are, we should not be in this position.

Indeed, we should not be, and all of us should hang our heads in shame. We have failed the vast majority of our people who had thought that their heroic deeds that defeated racist settler-colonialism heralded a new era of hope, opportunities and progress. But alas, 23 years later, we are not even stagnant, we are not marching on the spot, but are in reverse gear towards the abyss and possible ruin. There is consternation on the part of many in the country, some in our midst are scratching their heads, wondering how we arrived at this point.  



The importance of Business Confidence in stimulating Economic Growth - Monale Ratsoma

Let me begin by thanking the Black Management Forum for the invitation to
address its constituency and also greet all in attendance

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Hixonia Nyasulu Speech

Acknowledgements :Trustees of the Lot Ndlovu legacy Trust, family, BMF and hosts Deloitte, honoured guests

If ever there was a time the world needed good leaders, it is now. If ever there was a time the developing world needed good leaders, it is now. And if ever there was a time south africa needed good leaders, it is now. But do we have enough good leaders to go round – to run our countries, our companies, our governments, our civil society organisations?

The answer to that is “yes’, if all we’re looking for are people capable enough to take up leadership positions. But if we’re looking for leaders who embody old-fashioned values of leadership,  viz.


So, what are the leadership imperatives for the world we live in today?


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24 AUGUST 2017


Head of the EU Economic and Trade in South Africa, Massimo De Luca
Counsellors and Secretaries,

Distinguished guests, 
Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

I would like to thank the European Union mission in South Africa for
inviting us at this important meeting.

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2nd Annual Don Mkhwanazi Memorial Lecture in Durban -31 July 2017

The lecture was delivered by Prof Makgoba
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BMF Gauteng Policy Conference - 19 May 2017

Opening Remarks
Langa Manqele, BMF Gauteng Chairperson

Keynote Address By The President Of The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) And The United Cities And Local Governments (UCLG) Network
Mr Parks Tau

Entry, exclusion and opening up the SA economy
Pamela Mondliwa

Pathways to Economic Growth and Transformation in South Africa
Jabu Mabuza

The Shapes and Shades of Poverty
Pali Lehohla, Statistics South Africa

Trade as a Driver of Structural Transformation for Inclusive Growth in South Africa
Dr. Moses Obinyeluaku

Choices facing South Africa’s Economic Policy in the face of global Secular Stagnation.
Lesiba Mothata, Chief Economist

Infrastructure-led Growth as a Tool for Economic Transformation
Xoliswa Jafta: Senior Economist, Industrial Development Corporation


2016 Achievement Awards Dinner

 “Celebrating 40 Years of Changing the Transformation Landscape” - Adv. Thuli Madonsela





Lot Ndlovu Memorial Lecture Speech - Dr. Reuel Khoza

Chief Justice Mogoeng's Speech at the Corporate Update Dinner
10 June 2016

Speech by Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane on the occasion of the 40 years Anniversary of the Black Management Forum in Woodmead, Gauteng Province, 19 February 2016


Keynote address by the Patron of the TMF, Thabo Mbeki, at the BMF corporate dinner, delivered on his behalf by Professor Barney Pityana, June 11, 2015


Mr Eric Mafuna’s speech delivered during the BMF JHB Branch Induction


Speech by Prof. Nkuhlu at the BMF- Lot Ndlovu Lecture delivered at PWC Sunninghill, Johannesburg,27 August 2015