Business Enablement

Competitive advantage begins with the knowledge or assumption that your business could do better. Many businesses have implemented a Business Intelligence solution of some sort but there usually is a disconnect in that the BI solutions misrepresent the business with inaccurate figures across multiple reports. As a result, such solutions get abandoned as untrusted sources of information when it comes to decision making. 

We work in partnership with your business to recommend/build solutions that enable the business for data-driven decision support.

This goes as far as monitoring your business on-the-go through mobile reports, made available on your mobile devices.


Business Analysis

Constantly challenging the boundaries is one important standpoint for anyone embracing innovation, with the assumption that there are inefficiencies and room for improvement in the current processes. 

Analysis of the as-is systems and processes is a good starting point to identify these inefficiencies.

Secondly, many businesses eventually get into trouble because their business models were built based on assumptions, that were made when the business first started, at a time where there was no actual operational data to validate the assumptions. These assumptions are risks embedded into the business that we help you to identify and bring to the surface.

We also document your processes in what is called Process Workflows and go further to identify what is called Workflow Failures, in which revenue or customer leakages may happen in your business.

Data Management

Most operational/transactional systems are not built as efficient reporting systems. This is where the concept of Data Warehousing comes in.

A data warehouse is a database that stores your business' transactional data with the history of how it changes, in what is called measures and dimensions. We bring our experience in this field coupled with recommendations of best practice for such implementations. 

We design, build, implement and schedule the required processes required to make such Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) solutions a reality. This offering forms part of Data Cleaning/Scrubbing, Data Consolidation, Integration and Automation.



Reporting & Dashboarding

Your business most likely already has some enterprise software/technology platforms that can be used for reporting/dashboarding to help your decision-making process. 

We are always seeking for opportunities to work together in partnership with you to identify these issues, as opposed to selling pre-packaged solutions that may not necessarily help your business.

The good news is that you may not have to buy any additional software to make this dream come true. We assess and make the most of the already procured software applications. The usual culprits include Excel, which is one of the most powerful BI platforms you have already procured



Automation of Reconciliation Processes

Any efficient business would want to automate anything that is done repeatedly then use that extra time for other important deliverables? We can work together with you to identify these areas of redundancy then recommend/implement automation


Analytics & Insights

Use your data to drive your business. A well-positioned business is one that understands the behaviour of its customers then tailors its services accordingly. 

This involves using the following techniques; Data Mining, Trend Analysis, Pattern Discovery - leading to development of new service offerings


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