Online presence is important for every business, but first we all have to understand the basics to it.

Before a business can engage in online marketing and social media activities, we argue that every business needs an "online home" first, in the form of a website. Having a website will enable you to capture the leads that you generate with your other online activities, for example, if you run a campaign on Facebook, Instagram or with Google Ads, people need to click-through to your website to read more about your service offering.

How do you set up that website?

It is constituted of 3 components

  1.  Registering a domain name - for example, ours is and that domain will cost you from about R100 for a extension, and it is renewable every year
  2. Website and email hosting service - a standard hosting package will cost you about R50 per month (R600 per year)
  3. Website Development - Once you have the above 2, then you need the actual website to be developed and that cost differs based on the type of functionality desired. We focus of 2 types of websites
    • The basic website which is a catalogue of who you are, services offered, contact details, a blog (Costs about R3,800 to develop), and
    • An e-commerce website where you can sell your products online(Costs about R7,800 to develop)

There could be many other factors involved but the above should give you some form of decent online presence.

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