About the BMF YPDP

The Black Management Forum Young Professionals (BMFYP) has been established to nurture the development of our young professionals in various corporate and entrepreneurship environments. The Young Professionals provide a vibrant pipeline and base that enables succession.

The BMF YPDP is aimed at creating a leadership pipeline that espouses the philosophy and the values of Ubuntu, Respect, Creativity, Integrity and Effectiveness. The BMF YPDP seeks to develop young professionals into effective managers and leaders who will have a positive impact in their organisations, the BMF and society at large.

The YPDP acts as a stepping stone towards the development and fast tracking of young corporate athletes and entrepreneurs into accomplished business leaders; thus providing a readily available pool of talent


• Programme Orientation
• Personal Mastery
• Understanding people and working in teams
• Understanding organisations
• Professional effectiveness
• Understanding the job to be done
• Action learning project
• Investment in Excellence
• Problem Solving and Decision Making
• Presentation Skills

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